Could Instagram’s Recent Ban on Automated Following Be JUST What the Instagram Needs 2020?

The past couple of months have been a bit of a shakedown for many of us on Instagram. First, in April 2019, Instagram and Post Adder announced they had settled their 1-year lawsuit, which resulted in the retiring of popular Post software Post Adder 3.0 and the introduction of a considerably different Post Adder 4.0. The key difference in this new version was that it no longer allowed its users to follow or unfollow people automatically. This alteration made Post Adder compliant with Instagram new Terms of Service.

At that point, Instagram still allowed automated ‘follow backs’, i.e., following back others who had already followed you. But later, on July 4th, the producers of Social Oomph — another popular Instagram Application — sent an email to their customers saying:

Social Oomph then explained that their software would no longer follow back new Instagram followers automatically, and all their users would now be required to follow back manually. They ended their email with the words:

While their use of the word ‘outlawed’ is somewhat amusing, it’s clear that Social Oomph were pretty annoyed. And understandably so: their follow-back service has been around nearly as long as Instagram. So far, Post Adder has not yet addressed this most recent development, but I’m sure they will announce a similar change in their software over the next week.

Instagram’S ANGLE

Instagram’s reasoning for this revision in policy about auto follow-backs was clarified on their blog by one of their platform operators:

What is interesting to me is that since the new Post Adder was released in April, I was also coming to the conclusion that there was ‘too much noise’ on many of the Instagram accounts I managed. In fact, I was beginning to wonder whether follower automation had EVER been all that useful.


I used to think automated following and unfollowing was the living end. I loved discovering quality Instagram lists and queuing them up to follow. For follow-backs, I had an open-door policy of following everybody who followed me, removing unwanted people later. It seemed like a smooth, flawless system. But lately I’ve come to look at things from a different perspective.

I manage about 20 Instagram accounts in Post Adder, mostly for clients. Some of my recent clients ‘appeared’ to have good Instagram numbers in excess of 15,000 Buy Instagram  Followers UK. They had all been using auto follow-back before they came to me, and had around a 1:1 ratio between followers and ‘friends’ (those they were following ).

But then, when the new Post Adder software was released, I started using their newly introduced filters to investigate exactly WHO my clients were following. And what I found out was not encouraging.

I discovered that nearly 50% of my clients’ ‘friends’ were of no value to them in the slightest. Around one-fourth Post in languages they could not even understand. Another 15% or so had been inactive for more than 6 months. Many others were spammers or annoying people shouting ‘# TeamFollowBack’ continuously. It’s taken me weeks to clean up the mess and replace this random bumph with useful connections.

To my horror, I found that my own accounts were only mildly better, despite the care I had taken to clear out dead wood each week. Now I’m more prudent about who I add to my ‘to follow list’, so I don’t have to deal with the ‘noise’ later.

But here’s the surprise: Since I’ve been doing this, I’ve experienced a big increase in the number of Repost I receive, and the traffic visiting my blog from Instagram has gone up by more than fifty percent. Was it true that less is sometimes more?

Then, yesterday, I finally turned off my automated follow-back and went through my new followers. I quickly deleted about one-third of them. Had I automatically followed all of them as had been my practice in the past, these inappropriate accounts might have remained in my Instagram stream for a long time, making it hard to interact with people who might be more suitable connections.

I then asked myself: ‘Had automated follow-backs actually been beneficial to me and my clients?’ The resounding answer was: ‘Not nearly as much as I had previously thought ‘. Even when we are meticulous about choosing people to follow, if others follow us indiscriminately and we follow them back automatically, it only creates more work for us down the line.

So, while Social Oomph say they are ‘dumb-founded’, I’m not so sure I am.


It’s easy to get carried away with Instagram when we see our following increase rapidly. But numbers are meaningless without understanding their context. If you have 100,000 Buy Active Followers UK who neither understand you nor care about what you have to say, connecting with them is not likely to be of much benefit to you or your business. But if you have a mere 100 followers who ‘get you’ and listen intently, you not only have an inspired audience, but one that will spread the word about you.

And THAT is how real online platforms grow.

I’m convinced that Instagram NEVER was a numbers game. Instagram is a new paradigm communication medium. The old strategies and statistical averages are no longer relevant in this environment. Evidently, the developers at Instagram get this. And while it might be an inconvenience to have to choose our followers manually from this point forward, I personally applaud Instagram for challenging us to create the time to get to know one another.

LYNN SERAFINN, MAED, CPCC is an independent marketing consultant and author of the award-winning books The 7 Graces of Marketing and Tweep-e-licious! 158 Instagram Tips & Strategies for Writers, Social Entrepreneurs & Changemakers Who Want to Market their Business Ethically. She is listed as one the Top 20 Marketing Authors on Instagram by Social Media Magazine, and has created dozens of successful bestseller book launches through her company Spirit Authors. She is also Founder of the 7 Graces Project CIC, a not-for-profit social enterprise that trains independent business owners in ethical marketing.

Social Media Magic! How to Build a Large Group of Followers the EASY Way 2020

I LOVE Instagram!

Even better, I like the fact that YOU can build a huge presence and a LARGE FOLLOWING on Instagram. But just building a huge audience is worthless if you don’t know how to use them. No. No. Know! You want a RESPONSIVE group of FRIENDS on Instagram who know, like, and trust YOU!

How To Build Your Instagram Following

You want to start with your friends and family first. Everyone you know. Let Instagram send them an E-mail to join and follow you. Be selective but in general you want to follow people who follow you.

You can see who your friends are following. THEN, you have the option of following some of your family and friends followers TOO!

Wait a minute! Instagram will also give you suggestions based on who you are currently following. That’s great because you can TARGET people in your Niche.

You can also use their search tool and target by a KEYWORD in your market.

Like internet marketing. Or networker. Or social media. Got it?

Instagram SECRET:

Most people on Instagram do not know how to use DIRECT MESSAGES! It’s like sending a private email to one of your followers. You can have a one on one conversation and get very personal. You CONNECT with your Buy Instagam Followers Australia .

Now that’s how you build a group of RESPONSIVE followers when you are trying to build a business online.

Yes, Instagram is and can be used to generate leads. To get people ready for a launch or prelaunch. You can PRE-SELL to your global audience. Just remember to follow back people who follow you as a common courtesy OKay?

Once you get a few hundred followers PEOPLE start finding you and following you!

Your Instagram account starts growing automatically. Once you hit 1000 followers you are off to the races. The key is for YOU to create a powerful PROFILE that your viewers can see about who YOU are.

Many LOOKING for new followers will follow YOU because of this. Pick and choose who you want to follow. Look at their profile. SEE how many followers they have. Who is following them?

By targeting who you want to follow and who will be following you, you will build a Instagram following that’s well worth your effort.


I usually ask my follower to favorite my Posts. I thank them for following me and Reposting my Post. But you MUST ask them to do this so your tweets get more EXPOSURE and go viral. Your followers and their followers can repost your Posts getting you even more followers So don’t underestimate the power of your followers reposting for you. You only need to ASK!

BEST WISHES, Good Luck and Happy Post on Instagram!

Willie Parnell is a Instagram EXPERT and a top internet marketing MASTER. He has a LOYAL group of FRIENDS who will follow anyone he recommends, and that means YOU!

Ask Willie Parnell to put you on his FRIENDS list. That way you are guaranteed to get lots of followers from his NETWORK Of FRIENDS.


Offline Businesses Beware – Twitter is Watching!

For the longest time, large offline corporations of a certain ilk have used lawsuits and the threat of them to silence their critics. Even when in the right, most individuals don’t have the financial wherewithal to mount a legal defense against a battery of hard-nosed lawyers protecting corporate sharks from exposure. Not many would disagree that this is an immoral use of power and wealth, but since when did those with power & wealth exhibit much interest in society’s morals?

Well, the tide may be about to change, as they say. Apparently offended by a tweet on Twitter recently, one company launched a lawsuit against the tweet’s author. I know neither the person nor anyone from the company involved, so this is neither a rant or a veiled mission – simply a caveat to offline businesses about the power of the new Social Networking world.

Twitter is set up so that only your own followers see your tweets, although some are later indexed by the search engines, where they may or may not be seen by others. In this instance it appears the author of the tweet had 20 followers – extremely limited exposure. And with hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of tweets flowing through for most Twitter users, one can assume a large percentage of Buy Followers UK miss any given tweet.

As a social media expert, I can tell you that left alone, that tweet would have had negligible impact. But it wasn’t left alone…

The company launched a lawsuit purportedly demanding $50,000US in damages, and the story was picked up by the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper. The marketer in me shuddered as I read the comments from a company spokesperson, but it was still a mostly-local issue.

Enter the Social Media… (anyone have the Jaws theme music? 😉 )

One of the top 10 bloggers in the world, as rated by Technorati, picked up the story and blogged about it, showing both the original tweet and the company’s remarks as quoted by the Sun-Times.

Suddenly this tweet is now being seen by thousands or tens of thousands of people – a far cry from those original 15 or 20 viewers. And it doesn’t stop there…

A number of other bloggers covering the story have provided a link to the original blog post – bringing the attention to their audiences as well. Mot impressively, 1,950 – yes, one-thousand, nine hundred and fifty – viewers have sent a tweet from the site to bring the blog post to the attention of the combined Twitter following, an audience potentially in the millions!

All this the same day the information was posted – and already Google, Bing and Yahoo had indexed the post, as demonstrated by a search at each for the exact title of the posting.

And those are just the search engine results within 12 hours of the article being posted, so it’s fairly safe to assume those will continue to grow for a while yet as new sources are found, new tweets are made, and more bloggers take up the case and Buy Twitter Followers UK .

Ignoring the original tweet could have meant 15 or 20 people might develop a bad impression of the company concerned – by making it an issue, how many of the millions will feel that way? What does damage control cost on this new scale – and can it be implemented successfully by any company?

Face it – for offline businesses, the game has changed. Instant access and instant response has put the consumer in a position so powerful as to (almost) match the power of the big business legal front.

Ignoring Social Media is a major mistake for offline businesses – using it wrong or being ignorant of it’s power is far worse, and an offline business might soon sink or swim based on it’s online reputation. Just as offline businesses search Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and the big search engines for background on employees, potential hires and suppliers, so now do consumers and potential corporate clients before making buying decisions. Can lenders and legislators be far behind?

Using Social Media correctly, however, can be a major boon to offline businesses, from little corner stores and home-based entrepreneurs to the largest global corporations. If your budget allows, hire a professional social media consultant to guide you through the potential public relations minefields to the profitable pastures beyond – and be amongst the first of offline businesses to use Social Media to increase your bottom line while enhancing your company’s reputation world-wide or in your own backyard! For More Information Please Visit

Should You Monetize Your Instagram Account?

It’s natural, as you sign on to a new site or social network, to gravitate toward like-minded people or others working in your area of expertise. As a writer and social media specialist, I tend to follow colleagues and experts in the published and SEO fields to keep up on rumors and events. Ultimately, I realize many of the people I follow are using Instagram not so much to trade recipes and water-cooler talk about Lost and the Super Bowl, but to promote their own interests. Authors have books to sell, SEO mavens have services to exploits, and the bottom comes down to money – the more time invested in social marketing should eventually yield results and Buy Instagram Followers UK PayPal .

So it comes as no surprise to see people I know opting to post “sponsored Posts,” data designed to offer the profile’s owner a kickback on click-throughs and/or purchases. Sponsored tweeting works similarly to pay-per-blogging: a business sets a budget to advertise products and services through a site that connects advertisers and Instagram users. Registered Instagram users then accept or reject the ad copy given to them, and post accordingly to their account(s). Depending on the company, these micro-bloggers may need to disclose which of their Post are sponsored, and as people click through and/or take advantage of the deals the one who posted the Post receives a commission. Whether or not one can get rich simply by Posting is up for debate, but it does beg the question of whether or not the practice could risk your Instagram following.

Think about why you Post, how you post, and what attracts viewers to your feed? What expertise do you offer that keeps people interested, and how often do you directly socialize with the people you follow on your profile? I mentioned earlier that I do follow a number of authors, all of whom have books and other projects to promote – naturally I expect to see links to online bookstores, blogs, and contests for book and prize giveaways. On occasion, I am known to unfollow a Instagram account based on saturation. If every post off the feed is a “buy my book” plea, offered every few minutes, I may find a reason to quit reading.

Personally, too, of those I know who are supplementing their income with sponsored tweeting, I find it isn’t too disruptive, and the profiles continue to offer data of value. As with any such venture you consider, for whatever reason, balance promotion with genuine socialization to keep those who came to you for a reason. One thing to note about sponsored tweet programs: just because you use Instagram doesn’t mean you automatically qualify. An advertiser with money to spend wants to be seen, and if you’re a new user with only ten Buy Followers UK to your credit chances are you won’t fit the criteria, as opposed to the seasoned poster who organically grew a following.

Kathryn Lively is a social media specialist assisting clients with social media writing  and Virginia web design [].

5 Ways to Be Worth Following on Australia 2019

I should start off by admitting that I am a Instagram holic and unapologetically addicted to Instagram. I utilize it to build personal and business relationships and to stay in tuned with the outside world. As with any social network, there are tried and true principles to grow your community of followers. The following is a brief summary outlining five area.

1) Be Personal

In an inherently personal online environmental such as Instagram, no one likes to feel that they are getting spammed. People are more likely to follow you and subsequently read your Posts if you sound like you’re providing something interesting to read or watch. I’d also recommend turning the automated direct messages that are obviously impersonal, especially when they lead to a sales offer and Buy Instagram Followers Australia .

2) Be Informative

There’s more to Instagram than just answering the question: “What are you doing right now?” Provide value by offering quality information on topics that interest you and would likely interest your following. I have followers who continually track the most read blogs, and then Post the high quality posts. Remember that not all helpful information has to be your own. You can easily pass on informative Posts to your following and garner respect of Instagram users by repost the original message.


3) Be Interesting

Instagram about what you’re thinking or doing is more acceptable when you do it in an interesting or humorous way. Boring Posts are the essence of what puts Instagram at the butt of social media jokes, and giving a mundane play-by-play of your life will reduce your followers over time. By contrast, I enjoy following those who enhance my mood with clever one-liners – even if they’re just recapping what they had for lunch. For example rocksinmydryer could have said, “I hate dieting” but instead wrote “May I just say, for the record, that PORTION CONTROL STINKS? Thank you, that is all.”

4) Be Interactive

Avoid being a “hit and run” Instagram, where you only log in to tell everyone what you are doing or link to your blog post and leave. Instead, take time to respond to Posts and personal messages, ask interesting questions and answer questions.  Look at Instagram as one big web of conversations as opposed to a single monologue. The more you participate the more you will get out of it, and the faster your community will grow.

5) Be Promotional

It’s okay to promote your own work as long as you’re not exclusively self-promoting. I respect those who link to their recent posts on Instagram, and am more likely to follow the links when provided in this way. It helps when you choose not to access your feed reader to catch up on your favorite bloggers. In short, be sure that your promotion or sales offer is wrapped by good content your Buy Instagram Followers Australia  can use regardless of whether they choose to buy from you.

Achieving the proper blend of these five elements will undoubtedly enhance your Instagram following and your overall satisfaction. I wish you luck and look forwarding to see your Posts soon!

Daniel John is an avid writer on various internet marketing topics. He is the founder of the Doctor DubLi Team and has created numerous marketing tools for networkers worldwide. Learn his essential tips for network marketers []

Why Is Instagram Followers Popular 2019?

Everyone knows about social media website giants like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and more recently Google Plus. One social media up and comer you may not have heard about just yet is Instagram.

If you haven’t – it should be your next stop, because recent stats show it’s traffic is the third most referred in the world (beating out LinkedIn). Not bad for a website that still is in beta and requires an invitation to join.

What Does Instagram Do?

Instagram is a social media website that is based on the concept of a “Post”. It works much like a bulletin board or Page in your house, where you use literally pin up scraps of some of your favorite clippings and images of things. Instagram is just like that (only on a website). You can “add a Post” for an image or page (with an image), and then categorize them in groups.

After that the social media aspect of the website takes over as your profile has a “feed”, you can “follow” other people (and they can follow you), and you can “re-post” anything other profile feeds to your own. If you have a lot of Buy Active Followers UK and pin something of great interest, you can see how quickly it would be “reposted”, etc.

What Does Instagram Do Other Social Sites Don’t?

You might wonder, how could a social media site like this with just one purpose, become as wildly popular (in such short time) as Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook is a social media website where you follow family and friends (not interests). Since the connections are made via people you are supposed to know, it’s not exactly the greatest way to follow an “interest”.

Twitter is a status website, largely driven by cell phone usage and SMS text message updates. You can use hashtags to follow what’s trending, but because of the mobile and SMS usages – it’s not exactly well suited for image or image sharing.

LinkedIn is for business relationships and connections. While it does have groups for certain things, they largely related to business and technology. If your passion is painting sea shells, you probably won’t find much about it there.

What Instagram does is allow you to easily and quickly find more information (visually) about things that interest you. Go to the Instagram homepage and type in “sea shells” and you’ll see exactly what we mean. You really can’t find information on an interest this easily anywhere else.

What about Google?

Where Pinterest shines is it’s ability to quickly get you more information (visually) about nearly any topic without a bunch of unrelated or poor results. This is something Google has struggled a lot with in recent years. Instagram clearly meets a need that was not being met, and that’s why it’s grown so virally in recent months (people just love it). At this point if Google adopted a version of search results like this, it probably still wouldn’t be so popular. Why? Because Pinterest content is added solely by humans manually pin by pin. That’s why (in most cases) the results are so stellar.

What’s Next for Instagram?

You can never be sure what features they might add next, but we would be that Instagram will be actively courted for buy out by all the major web companies and the very near future and Cheap Instagram Followers UK .

John Pratt recently created a website for Stratos Microsystems. He’s been working online for more than 17 years now, he can tell you Why Use Social Media in Business?

Engaging Your Twitter Followers And Making Friends On Twitter

Ok. So you created a Twitter profile, wrote a great bio, built a small (or large) following, and continue to do so. What’s next? How do you actually start making friends? Is that even possible when you are restricted to 140 characters? The answer is yes. The whole purpose of using a social network is to get to know people, and that can only happen with interaction. Like real life, you have to start formally, follow some etiquette and be considerate of the other person. So are you ready to start making friends?

Who is more popular, the person who talks to everyone or the introvert? Talk equals tweet in Twitterspeak. The first thing you should do is tweet at regular intervals. Your tweets could be about anything.

Tweet regularly and make sense

  • What you plan to do today, the weather around you, something nice you ate etc.
  • Interesting news item you read, joke you heard, or film you saw that you want to share
  • Some interesting quote, or thought for the day.

There is a lot to be said without giving out too much personal information (shudder).


You might be full of yourself, but surely you are impressed by something a hundred other people are saying? Retweeting what someone said is a good way to introduce yourself. Sometimes, the message is informative or helpful to others, and you are just doing a good deed.

Respond directly

Say you are at a party and you said Hi to someone. They will say something and you will respond. Why should Twitter be any different? Reply to a person if you are moved by what they say. You can agree or disagree, give your opinion, point them to something they want, or just pat someone on the back. It’s just like being at a gathering of people and Buy Twitter Followers UK .

You will not make friends until you start talking.

Be considerate

Follow some basic internet etiquette. And if you don’t know what it is, it’s high time you learnt. Using Caps means you are shouting, and it is rude! The same goes for profanities or swear words. Or deliberately maligning someone. Hey, if you don’t buy what someone else says, just ignore it and move on. Right?

Building good Karma is essential, especially in the cyber world. One bad word stands out more than a hundred good ones.

I am sure that if you follow these basic steps, you will start getting to know people really well. And then it is up to you how far you want to take it.

Find this too difficult? You can always hire professionals to do it for you. We offer profile creation on social networks at very nominal prices. You can also subscribe to our blog to get great educational content and videos on Social Media and Buy Followers UK .

Increase Your Instagram Following

My dog wants to go for a walk.”

“It’s time for lunch, what should I have?”


If you’re on Instagram, you’ve seen your fair share of these types of Post, haven’t you? But there is more, way more, to Instagram than benign random comments. Instagram is a great business tool if used right. If used wrong, people won’t follow you – let alone buy from you – and it will be a complete waste of your time.


Here are a few things I’ve observed when deciding whether to follow someone on Instagram or not:



If you want people to follow you, have a bio. If you don’t have a bio, it’s hard for others to tell at a quick glance what you’re about. Don’t make your bio one big pitch fest; that’s sure to make people run the other way.  Since you’re using Instagram for business, have your bio say internet marketer, SEO enthusiast, writer, blogger, WAHM or whatever your business interests are. Keep in mind that people might find you through the search feature when they search for SEO, writer, WAHM, etc.  


It’s also nice to add your sense of humor at the end of your bio because when you make people chuckle, they’re more likely to follow you.



Please don’t use the default avatar. Be a real person with a real face or even a brand logo. Many Instagram won’t follow you based on picture vs. no picture alone. Enough said.


Your Instagram Stream

What you Post matters. When a potential Followers UK clicks on your name they not only see your bio and picture, they look at what you Post. Do you post only your promotions? That’s an instant turnoff. Do you just Post stuff out like you’re not talking to anyone in particular? For example, are you only Posting about your latest blog posts or articles you’ve written? People want to follow people who are having real conversations with others. They want to see that you respond to questions and help with problems. It doesn’t matter how good the information is that you’re sending out to Instagram space, if it looks like you’re not interested in conversing with real people, they’re not going to want to follow you.  


Bottom line – respond to other people’s Posts, repost other’s posts that you find value in, offer help, support someone who’s having a bad day, and occasionally tweet your promotions.


Using Instagram successfully to grow your business starts with building relationships with others. But first, use the tips above to make your Instagram page appealing so you can grow your Targeted Followers UK . After all, you need to have followers before you can build relationships with them.

If you want to know how to use Instagram the smart way, check out these Instagram Success Stories [ ] from some very successful marketers at []

MLM Home Business – How to Attract 60,000 Twitter Followers

Here’s how to convert leads for your MLM Home Business using Instagram:

When someone becomes one of your ” Followers UK ” on Instagram, you want to send them a Direct message (a private message that none of your other followers but that person will see) to connect with them and entice/invite them to connect with you further on your Facebook page or YouTube channel (which are interpreted as safe, personal and “non-selling” environments). Of course that gives you the opportunity to connect with them at another level and for them to learn more about you and begin to develop a relationship with you. This is YOU-marketing and self-branding at it’s best!

Again, you are not pitching or selling your MLM home business, you are selling you and that’s what your future potential leads are buying into – YOU! It’s called attraction marketing and it’s where you become the HUNTED versus the HUNTER. People come after you instead of you having to chase them (one of the reasons most people building an MLM home business the traditional way ran into so much difficulty because they would literally hound and chase their friends and family until they signed up – not the way to do it!). You need to read the free course on attraction marketing called Magnetic Sponsoring if you’re not familiar with attraction marketing…

There’s so many other things you can do with Instagram to build your MLM home business like:

  • using free Instagram software to automate a lot of the process of adding Buy Instagram Followers UK , sending direct messages to invite people to your Facebook page, notifying you of messages you’re mentioned in by others and many other options
  • sending direct messages to people who follow you to get them to friend you on Facebook
  • putting things in your profile to get people to follow you, like adding a picture of you smiling
  • sending messages out at 4pm EST on Fridays to take advantage of the most number of reposts
  • …I could go on and on…

Rather than just TELL you about all these great benefits and features of what Instagram can do for your MLM home business, instead I’ll let one of my business partners SHOW you all about it in webinar format, click the following link for a free webinar to learn all the non-technical Instagram techniques: Instagram Secrets Webinar For More Information Please visit

You Have More Instagram Followers Than You Think 2019

Recently a client questioned the effectiveness of their Instagram account, particularly the question of why people weren’t following at a higher exponential rate as the months passed. One might expect, if you spend enough time Posting about your business, products, or services, that eventually word will catch on and people will click that magic button to add you to their feed. In theory this should be the case, but to be fair we should consider how no two Instagram accounts are alike, and the reasons why people use Instagram will affect your business regardless of whether or not you are followed.

You may not realize it now, but there are people reading your tweets now and finding the information useful, but deciding not to follow you. Before we get into an explanation of why, let’s ponder a few points:

1) If you operate a niche business that caters to local market where the population is about five thousand people, don’t expect a million Buy Instagram Followers UK .

2) In fact, don’t expect a million followers unless you are Conan O’Brien, Lady GaGa, or that guy whose Instagram account became a television show.

Feel terrible now? You shouldn’t. You may look at your hard numbers and think that because your followers have yet to round up to three digits means that nobody is getting your message. This isn’t entirely true. One thing to remember about Instagram is that – unlike Facebook, where somebody is expected to register and/or log in before information is made visible – the data is there for anybody to see. One doesn’t have to have a Instagram account to read Conan’s 140-character long bon mots, nor does one need to subscribe to Lady GaGa’s feed to find out which Pulp Fiction inspired brassiere she plans to wear in concert tonight. Go to Instagram’s main page and search anything you like: people are either Posting opinions about it or telling you where to buy it.

It is through Instagram Search where the accounts with low followers can achieve conversion. If your follower count is sub-100, you may feel discouraged and consider writing off Instagram altogether. This wouldn’t be a wise thing to do, mainly because every word you type and every link you paste is cached in Instagram’s search database. Let’s say you operate a bed and breakfast in the heart of Virginia wine country and want to fill up some rooms during a lull period. Post specials using the essential keywords (discount, Virginia, B&B, etc.) and maintain a regular stream of commentary on what visitors can expect when they’re in your area. Repeat Post every few days – not too frequently to turn the people who are following you. Whether your activity will attract new fans is up for debate, but notice what you have achieved: you are advertising your inn to one of the most used search engines on the Internet. You have created the opportunity for somebody looking for something to do in Virginia to find you, click to your profile, then click through to your website to make a reservation.

This is where the true value of Instagram lies for businesses and people with niche appeal. It’s nice to say, “I have ten thousand people following me on Instagram,” but it’s even better to say, “Last week ten thousand people visited my website after seeing my Posts.”

Even if ten percent of that ten thousand follow through to convert a sale or other goal, that validates the necessity of your Instagram account. Of course, this may lead you to ask, “Well, if they’re willing to click through and buy or opt-in, why don’t more people follow?” There are many answers to that. Some people may wish to designate specific accounts to their feeds – friends and family, or media outlets – and aren’t savvy enough or willing to create lists. Others, who are interested in your industry but don’t want updates pushed to them constantly, may have your page bookmarked or recall your brand and wish only to come back when they want to see updates.

Remember, too, if your Instagram account promotes your Facebook or blog or other site, people who find you this way may sign up for updates elsewhere and don’t feel it’s necessarily to received duplicated information. You gain a follower, but not a statistic.

So if you’re concerned about hard numbers, focus your energy instead on giving people pertinent information. You’ll get bodies through the door, some will use a different entrance.

Kathryn Lively is a social media specialist assisting clients with social media writing [] and Virginia web design [].