Social Media Magic! How to Build a Large Group of Followers the EASY Way 2020

I LOVE Instagram!

Even better, I like the fact that YOU can build a huge presence and a LARGE FOLLOWING on Instagram. But just building a huge audience is worthless if you don’t know how to use them. No. No. Know! You want a RESPONSIVE group of FRIENDS on Instagram who know, like, and trust YOU!

How To Build Your Instagram Following

You want to start with your friends and family first. Everyone you know. Let Instagram send them an E-mail to join and follow you. Be selective but in general you want to follow people who follow you.

You can see who your friends are following. THEN, you have the option of following some of your family and friends followers TOO!

Wait a minute!¬†Instagram will also give you suggestions based on who you are currently following. That’s great because you can TARGET people in your Niche.

You can also use their search tool and target by a KEYWORD in your market.

Like internet marketing. Or networker. Or social media. Got it?

Instagram SECRET:

Most people on Instagram do not know how to use DIRECT MESSAGES! It’s like sending a private email to one of your followers. You can have a one on one conversation and get very personal. You CONNECT with your Buy Instagam Followers Australia¬†.

Now that’s how you build a group of RESPONSIVE followers when you are trying to build a business online.

Yes, Instagram is and can be used to generate leads. To get people ready for a launch or prelaunch. You can PRE-SELL to your global audience. Just remember to follow back people who follow you as a common courtesy OKay?

Once you get a few hundred followers PEOPLE start finding you and following you!

Your Instagram account starts growing automatically. Once you hit 1000 followers you are off to the races. The key is for YOU to create a powerful PROFILE that your viewers can see about who YOU are.

Many LOOKING for new followers will follow YOU because of this. Pick and choose who you want to follow. Look at their profile. SEE how many followers they have. Who is following them?

By targeting who you want to follow and who will be following you, you will build a Instagram following that’s well worth your effort.


I usually ask my follower to favorite my Posts. I thank them for following me and Reposting my Post. But you MUST ask them to do this so your tweets get more EXPOSURE and go viral. Your followers and their followers can repost your Posts getting you even more followers So don’t underestimate the power of your followers reposting for you. You only need to ASK!

BEST WISHES, Good Luck and Happy Post on Instagram!

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