Increase Your Instagram Following

My dog wants to go for a walk.”

“It’s time for lunch, what should I have?”


If you’re on Instagram, you’ve seen your fair share of these types of Post, haven’t you? But there is more, way more, to Instagram than benign random comments. Instagram is a great business tool if used right. If used wrong, people won’t follow you – let alone buy from you – and it will be a complete waste of your time.


Here are a few things I’ve observed when deciding whether to follow someone on Instagram or not:



If you want people to follow you, have a bio. If you don’t have a bio, it’s hard for others to tell at a quick glance what you’re about. Don’t make your bio one big pitch fest; that’s sure to make people run the other way.  Since you’re using Instagram for business, have your bio say internet marketer, SEO enthusiast, writer, blogger, WAHM or whatever your business interests are. Keep in mind that people might find you through the search feature when they search for SEO, writer, WAHM, etc.  


It’s also nice to add your sense of humor at the end of your bio because when you make people chuckle, they’re more likely to follow you.



Please don’t use the default avatar. Be a real person with a real face or even a brand logo. Many Instagram won’t follow you based on picture vs. no picture alone. Enough said.


Your Instagram Stream

What you Post matters. When a potential Followers UK clicks on your name they not only see your bio and picture, they look at what you Post. Do you post only your promotions? That’s an instant turnoff. Do you just Post stuff out like you’re not talking to anyone in particular? For example, are you only Posting about your latest blog posts or articles you’ve written? People want to follow people who are having real conversations with others. They want to see that you respond to questions and help with problems. It doesn’t matter how good the information is that you’re sending out to Instagram space, if it looks like you’re not interested in conversing with real people, they’re not going to want to follow you.  


Bottom line – respond to other people’s Posts, repost other’s posts that you find value in, offer help, support someone who’s having a bad day, and occasionally tweet your promotions.


Using Instagram successfully to grow your business starts with building relationships with others. But first, use the tips above to make your Instagram page appealing so you can grow your Targeted Followers UK . After all, you need to have followers before you can build relationships with them.

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